Otto 2.5.7 and older won't start after FileMaker Server 19.2 upgrade


There is an issue with Otto versions prior to 2.5.8 and FileMaker 19.2 on some, but not all Windows Servers. The v2.5.8 release resolves this issue by eliminating the dependency on the FMS_HOME variable.

Description of problem

Upgrading to FileMaker Server 19.2 removes a Windows environment variable named "FMS_HOME" that points to the FileMaker Server directory. 

  • Otto won't stay started after upgrading to 19.2 
  • It gives an error on install that refers to nssm.exe not being able to run a command.
  • Windows Only - The macOS version is unaffected.


The easiest solution is to upgrade to the latest version of Otto. If that is not possible, adding the environment variable manually resolves this issue. This video walks you through the detailed steps you need to take: 

  1. Open the System Properties control panel by clicking Search, then starting to type "environment". Windows will narrow down your results quickly. Select "Edit the system environment variables".

  2. On the Advanced tab, select "Environment Variables"

  3. Click "New", then enter "FMS_HOME". Click the Browse Directory button and navigate to the FileMaker Server directory.
     Be sure to add a closing "\" to the path.

    FileMaker Server is most likely located here, so you can also copy and paste this if FMS is installed in the default directory:
    C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\

  4. Click the multiple "OK" buttons to confirm all choices.

  5. Reboot your server.

Please let us know if the problem persists after completing the above procedure.

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