Otto Offsite Backup FAQs

S3 Backup Configs

Why is there no date information in the saved folder?

If your backup folder is named "Offsite" instead of "Offsite_YYYY-MM-DD_TTTT", i.e., "Offsite_2020-09-20_0200", then the backup schedule's "Number of Backups to Keep" is set to zero in FileMaker Server. Change it to a positive number.

How much free space should I have on my hard drive for Offsite backups?

You need at least three times the size of your backup; more room is better! This allows ample room for Otto to zip the files before transferring.

Can Otto use a different backup directory?

I have very large files in my system, so I just don't have that much space on my c:\ drive. I can't increase the size. Can Otto use another folder?

No. Otto must use the folder specified in the S3 instructions

However, if you have a larger drive on your system or network, you can create a Symbolic Link in macOS or Windows. Think of symbolic links as "super aliases" that operate at the system level.

Windows Example 
  • Delete the original Offsite directory (otherwise the next step will fail).
  • Open a Command Prompt as Administrator to run "mklink /J Link Target" 

    Here's an example that uses the "Offsite" folder in the e:\ drive root directory:
    mklink /J “C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Backups\_Otto_\Offsite\” “E:\Offsite”
  • Windows creates a "junction directory" that appears at the proper place for Otto, but actually points to E:\Offsite.

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