Otto with Other Langauges

As of version 2.5.5 Otto can handle other languages but it does require additional steps below.


We don't have full internalization of Otto and it's user interfaces. They are English only at this point.  BUT we do want Otto to work on servers that are setup to us other Languages.

However some additional setup is required  if your version of FileMaker server translates the english word "Clone" to something else.  For example, when FileMaker Server makes a clone of a FileMaker file called "Contacts.fmp12" it names the clone "Contacts Clonar.fmp12". If this is the case Otto won't work properly until you take the following step.

What to do

Add a variable to the env file as described here.

Set the variable CLONE_TRANSLATED to what ever FileMaker Server uses for the English word "Clone" when it makes a clone of a FileMaker file as described in the example above.

CLONE_TRANSLATED=Clone In Your Language
Spanish Example:


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