Fetch Failed! Connect Timeout

Migration is failing with a Fetch Failed! Connect Timeout Error

A Fetch Failed! Connect Timeout error means that the Otto server performing the migration can't connect to the other Otto server.  The servers need to be able to "talk" directly to each other across the network over port 3030.

Repeating Migration Won't Work

If this is the error you are getting, there is no reason to perform another migration until this fixed. You will just waste more of your very precious time. Since Otto is intended to save you lots of time, this will make us very sad.  Thankfully we have a simple test you can use to determine if your network is configured properly. See below for the Simple Test

Simple Test

For this test we are assuming a standard migration from a Development Server to a Production Server.

  1. Log in to the Production Server (use a Remote Desktop app if the server is hosted). 
  2. From the Production Server, open a web browser and try to connect to the Development Server on port 3030 (example: https://dev.yourdomain.com:3030/). If you don't see the FileMaker Server web page, your DNS is not configured correctly or a firewall is blocking the connection. If you can see Otto's login page then the connection from Production to Development is successful and you will be able to migrate and copy files!

If you plan to migrate from the Production Server to the Development Server, repeat the test in other direction (i.e., log in to your Development Server and use your browser to connect to the Production Server).

Cleaning Up

If you have corrected the issue but prior migrations have failed, you might have a temporary file left behind that will prevent a successful migration This help document will explain what to do: https://docs.ottofms.info/article/688-fetch-failing-permission-error.

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