Unable To Verify The First Certificate Error

If your migration is failing with a "Fetch Failed Error: unable to verify the first certificate" message, then you may have a certificate error on the other server.

First, if have changed your certificate on your FileMaker Server, you will need to restart Otto so make sure you do that first.

Whats Happening?

Otto is reaching out to the server to get a copy or a clone of the file, and it can't make a secure connection, because it can't verify that the SSL Certificate is valid.  Specifically, it can't verify the first certificate in the chain of certificates.  

What's the Cause?

This is usually a problem with the Intermediate Bundle Cert that was installed along with the main cert on your FileMaker server.  Make sure you have  the correct files from certificate authority and the intermediate bundle is up to date and correct.

Last Resort

This is not NOT RECOMMENDED as it does reduce your security a bit, but you can turn off this check on Otto by setting a ENV variable.

Add a line to your .env file like this.


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