ESOCKETTIMEDOUT Error When Migrating Large Files

If the process of creating clones on your "from" server takes longer than two minutes, you will get a timeout and the migration will fail. In an ideal scenario, you wouldn't have too much data in your development environment to run into this time limit, so the first step is to reduce the amount of data in your development file(s). If that's not practicable, use the Saved Folder feature to prevent your migration from timing out.

Follow these steps to use the Saved Folder feature:

  1. Otto relies on the FileMaker Server backup command to generate clones of the files on your "from" server. You will need to know how long it takes for FileMaker Server to create the backups and clones. To determine this, create a temporary FileMaker Server schedule with the Clone option enabled.
  2. Run the backup manually, and compare the start and end times in the FileMaker Server event log to see how long it takes.
  3. When you start the migration process and see the Saved Folder panel (see picture below), enter a value in the saved folder name field; your clones will be saved in this folder on the "from" server. For the Wait Interval, you should probably pad the backup time from Step 2 by 3-5 minutes (i.e., 180 to 300 seconds) just to be on the safe side.

Note: When you start the migration, Migrator will kick off the backup/clone process first, then wait for the amount of time you entered in the wait interval before continuing with the migration.

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