Migration Details

Setting Up a Migration

A migration consists of three key elements: the Server from which Otto retrieves the new file to migrate, the Server to which you are transferring the file, and the files that will be migrated.

Step 1: Server Credentials

Provide Otto Migrator with the account credentials that will be used for the migration. This can either be a full-access account, or an account that has the  fmmigration extended privilege (an extended privilege that you would create with this exact name). Remember to enter the Encryption key if you have encrypted the files.

Step 2: Select Files

The next step is to click "Select Files" and choose the files to migrate and click Continue.

Step 3: Start Migration

Once you've selected the files to migrate, click the Start Migration button in the upper-right hand corner. You'll be given the opportunity to review the migration details before actually starting the migration process.

Step 4: Review Migration Summary

Here's what the migration summary looks like. You can go back and change the specifications for this migration. 

Step 5: Start Migration

If all looks good, then click Start Migration.

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