Migration Failing

If your solution is mult-file AND your migration includes renaming files then please see our help note on that topic.

If your migration is failing and giving you errors you can't understand there a couple of places you can look for clarification.

  1. Check the otto logs.
  2. Check FileMaker Server Logs
  3. Look at the Otto Migration Detail page in the Otto Web Console.

Frankly most of the useful information should be collected, correlated and displayed in Otto's web console. See image below.

If you still can't figure out what is going on then here is a good way to ask us for help.

  1. Start with a single file migration
  2. Run it
  3. If it fails go to Otto's Web Console, and visit the migration detail page for the last migration. The one you just did.
  4. Download the Migration with Results ( see yellow arrow below )
  5. Attach that file to an email and send it to us along with your question.

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