Saved Folder


When you request a file from an Otto Server, you can instruct Otto to look in a specific folder for a copy of the file.  If the file is there it will return it. If it isn't it will create a copy from the current live file, and store it in that location

Thereafter as long as you request the same known location, you will get that specific copy of the file.  You will NOT get the latest live version of the file.    
Use Cases

Vertical Market Solutions 

The same version of the file is migrated to many different customer servers. You only need to make a clone of that file once. Store it a "savedFolder" and then use that saved copy in all the rest of the migrations.

Snapshots, Restore Points and Testing

Coupled with the new "restore feature" this gives you an easy way to save a snapshot on a server, and then restore it later.  This could be useful for testing.  

  1. Restore a known data file that is ready for testing, ie it has all the data it needs for the tests
  2. Run the tests


The only change is that you add a "saveFolder=myFolder" to the query of a request.
or in the migration doc

"url": "" 


Otto Web Interface

The Saved Files is are available in the Web Application UI, in the File Manager section

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