Using a custom Backup Folder

Otto needs to use the FileMaker Server backup folder for some of its operations. It will detect the folder that FileMaker Server is using when it boots up.  Therefore, if you change the directory, you will need to restart Otto so it can detect the new location.  If you are using a windows computer, there is nothing more you have to do. Mac servers will require privileges be set manually. See below.

Set Permissions on Mac

On Mac servers, you must set the permissions correctly on your custom directory. Note, the FileMaker backups will work under a variety of permissions, but Otto will not. Otto requires the very particular FileMaker Server permission setup. If they aren't set up correctly, Otto will be unable to do migrations or get copies of files.

You will see errors similar to "Backup aborted. Invalid backup destination".

You can check the permissions using Get Info. It should look like this.

The easiest way to fix these is to use the terminal. Enter these two commands to set the privileges correctly.

$ sudo chown fmserver:fmsadmin '<pathTofolder>'
 <enter password at prompt>
$ sudo chmod 775 '<pathTofolder>'

After that Otto should work correctly.

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