Review Migration Result

After the migration completes, you are able to quickly review both top-level and detailed results.

Top-Level Results

Last Result

Each time a migration is run, the last result will update to one of the following values:

  • Succeeded - migration completed with no errors
  • Info - migration is in progress
  • Warning - completed with errors
  • Failed - migration did not complete

History Tab

Click on the Migration to view the Migration Details and select the History tab. Here you'll see listed all the attempts to run the migration and its results:

  • Status:  whether it succeeded or failed
  • Started:  he starting timestamp
  • Completed:  the completion timestamp
  • Elapsed Time:  Completed - Started

Detailed Results

Click the info button to view the most granular migration results.

Migration Result

This panel shows the Migration log as provided by the FM Migration tool.

Full Response

This panel shows the Migration log in JSON as provided by Otto. You can select "Update Migration Results from Server" to ...

Refreshing Results

If you closed the webviewer before the migration is done, you can always refresh the Full Response by clicking the "Update Migration Results From Server" button.

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