Run a Migration

Now that you have defined all the settings for you migration, you're ready to run it.

  1. Click the Migration template from the list of migrations that you've defined.
  2. Click the Migrate...> button at the top of Migration Details.
  3. Select a run option. You can choose to run the Migration right away or schedule it to run later. In either case, you will be able to review all settings before the migration starts.
  4. Select a script option. You can choose to run a FileMaker script after the migration.
  5.  If you do select to run a script, you will be taken to a form to provide the script details:
    • File - select the file that contains the script
    • Script Name - enter the script's name
    • Script parameter - (optional) enter the parameter

  6. Review your Migration settings
  7. Click Start Migration.

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