Server Details

Server Type

The default labels are: development, staging and production. These values aren't functional, so feel free to enter a custom value or make permanent change to the value list.

Host or IP Address

A host name that matches a trusted certificate is required if you are accessing FileMaker apps over a secure connection (recommended). You can use an IP address over an insecure connection; you should never access a FileMaker Server over a wide-area connection (WAN) without a secure connection. 


The default port is 3030. If you are accessing Otto remotely, you will either need a VPN or open the port on your server's firewall. 

Admin Console Credentials

Enter the user name and password for the FileMaker Server Admin Console.

File List

Once you've entered the server info, click on the file list refresh button to pull a list of files currently on the server. From this view you can select file(s), and download copies or clones of your live files without needing to pause or close the files.

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