What Otto Migrator Is

Otto Migrator is a front-end to the Otto web service. Our primary goal with this project is to simplify the delivery of upgrades of development files to testing and/or production servers. While the bulk of the work is handled by the Otto service, sending properly-structured requests can be challenging. Otto Migrator helps take the guesswork out of the process by providing an interface to enter your server and migration details, and kick off a migration with the click of a button.

What Otto Migrator isn't

Otto Migrator is not the solution to every possible workflow. Instead, think of it as a template, which is why we ship it unlocked. Feel free to modify it in any way you choose. That said, we will continue to enhance Otto Migrator, and if you want to maintain the ability to patch your copy from our future releases, you should either keep a detailed log of your changes, or add a separate file with your customizations.

Getting Started

Please watch the  intro video that explores the significant functional areas of Otto Migrator:

Here's what Otto Migrator handles:

  • Projects
  • Servers
  • Migrations

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