Migration Overview

A migration is a series of one or more migration tasks that are performed on an Otto server. The tasks almost always involve one or more Otto servers. The server performing the migration is referred to as the "Local" server. The Local server retrieves files from "Remote" server, which can be a FileMaker Server or web server. Migration tasks are described using an HTTP request with a JSON payload, which is posted to the Otto server performing the migration. The Otto server responds with a Migration ID that you can use to track the progress of the migration.

Here are the steps in a typical migration:

  1. Files being migrated are closed and backed up on the "local" Otto server
  2. File copies are fetched from remote Otto servers (NB, either clones or copies are fetched depending on what was specified)
  3. Migration tasks are performed (if specified)
  4. Files are reopened on the local server

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